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It is hard to picture Microsoft releasing smart watch technology ten years ago, but they did in fact give it an honest attempt, although it wouldnt last forever. The SPOT devices went well beyond just watches, as well. Even coffee pots could use the transmissions sent by SPOT to automatically update with personalized data.

Harness racing finally to begin Tuesday at Illinois State Fair – News – The State Journal-Register – Springfield, IL

It disrupts their training schedule. Rick Schrock, a Chatham native who operates a stable at the fairgrounds, said he had five horses ready to race over the weekend. Now that we’re backed up and the weather’s not cooperating, it’s kind of hard to get a good workout in, he said. Everybody’s in the same position.

Dancing With The Stars Announce Pro Dancers Battling to Win the Mirrorball Trophy | Entertainment – WTAE Home

But what if you cant decide what types of exercise you should be doing to reach your goals, with the limited equipment and space you have? Thats where the Fittr app comes into play. Fittr is like having your very own trainer yelling at you from inside your phone, Bean reports. And as a special trick, Fittr will also build personal workout routines based upon your desired result and the amount of equipment you have on hand, if any. You know the websites and apps where you can input the ingredients in your fridge, and they will spit out a recipe using only those ingredients? Bean asks.

Fittr app creates personalized workouts based on the equipment you already own – MacDailyNews – Welcome Home

Follow @CherylBurke WITNEY CARSON — Witney was born and raised in a small town called American Fork, Utah. She started her dancing career at the age of three. Being trained in many different dance styles including Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Tap, Latin and Standard Ballroom, she has competed and performed all over the world. At the age of 18, Witney made top six (top three girls) on So You Think You Can Dance season nine.She then joined ABCsDancing with the Stars Pro Troupe Team, where she performed and choreographed every week for two seasons. In 2014, Witney was promoted to a Pro dancer and was paired with partner Cody Simpson. Follow Witney @WitneyCarson ARTEM CHIGVINTSEV — Originally from gorden dan sprei Russia, dancing has taken Artem all over the world.

Going Beyond Ab Fab: Chiseled Off-Broadway Dreamboat Billy Magnussen Shares His Sensitive Side | New York Observer

You see him on stage (or real life) and think: Frat boy. But what does that mean, when its Mr. Magnussen himself who is constantly being objectified for his hot bod? And why does Ethan seem so truly, earnestly impressed by Olivia, doggedly pursuing a relationship while advancing her career, entirely without agenda? This is a guy who, according to his own public record, once left a girl in a pool of her own vomit on the side of the highway.


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